John Tarahteeff

The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter, Copyright 2009, John Tarahteeff

Ominous clouds and skies tinted lime or translucent blue provide a backdrop to the mystery and intrigue of John Tarahteeff’s new work. Voluptuous females reference old masters, such as 17th century painter Titian. They are pictured playing occasional instruments, wading into shallow water. Tarahteeff continues to incorporate heavy texture in places to describe rocky ground, a raised line to express an unwinding ball of yarn or trees and leaves dramatically advancing out from the picture plane. The inclusion of these psychological, pictorial elements works to his advantage both intellectually and aesthetically. This exhibition demonstrates his continuing evolution as a painter.

John Tarahteeff’s paintings show great range, technical skill and seamless blending of intelligence and aesthetics. These new paintings have a story to tell, exposing in a spontaneous moment the whole of the tale. The work speaks in the deeply personal language of the artist.

In 1994 Tarahteeff graduated from the University of California, Davis with a B.S. in Landscape Architecture and a minor in Fine Art. The artist’s paintings were first introduced by Solomon Dubnick Gallery in 1998.